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Make MS AJAX 1.0 Redistributable!

Project Description
Make Microsoft AJAX 1.0 Extensions redistributable with a Visual Studio setup project/bootsrapper prerequisite.

After binaries are installed "Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX 1.0 Extensions" prerequisite will show up in the Prerequisites dialog box of the Visual Studio's Setup Project Properties. When installing your product that incorporates MS AJAX Prerequisite please remember that prerequisites are installed by Setup.exe, not by simply running your product MSI!

Notes for users of the source code
(You can ignore this if you only use the binaries)
  • The source code of this project is the project file for the Bootstrapper Manifest Generator. You will need to download and install Bootstrapper Manifest Generator it if you want to modify the bootstrapper manifest for the MS AJAX 1.0.
  • Unzip the source code into "C:\" (it will create "C:\MS Ajax 1.0 Prereq" folder) because Bootstrapper Manifest Generator uses absolute file paths for included MSI files.
  • If you are making changes valuable to others please apply to become a team member and work for common good.

Design Time Screenshot Run Time Screenshots
MS AJAX 1.0 as Visual Studio 2005 Setup Project Prerequisite Setup.exe bootstrapper prompting for MS AJAX download MS Ajax 1.0 prerequisite installation in progress

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